How a Snap-on franchisee built a mobile empire

By Sarah Stowe | 16 May 2019 View comments

When Mechanic Dan Pullen realised he wanted to down tools and employ his skills in customer relations he knew the solution would be a Snap-on franchise.

“I had the industry knowledge and only a little skill in selling but a Snap-on franchise seemed like the right fit for a rewarding career,” he says.

Dan had an advantage – he had worked with a Snap-on franchisee for three years. He was armed with all the information and support he needed.

Dan was confident he could make run his own franchise and so he grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

“I make it all about the customers and relationship building. They are the reason I go out every day and enjoy every day. I work hard to provide the service and support they need and it pays off for my customers and myself,” says Dan.

Snap-on franchisee builds on success

As the business developed he saw potential in expanding his operation over a broader rural region.

Dan invested in two more mobile workshops. The franchisor provided both financial help and field support which helped him identify areas of weakness in his business. The franchisor support has proven to be an invaluable resource in his expansion, he says.

“I now have three employees that directly run the mobile workshops, and I now ‘float’ between the team and customers as required. It enables me to maintain those strong customer relationships I have formed over the years but support my guys in their roles at the same time.

“Guiding a small team is rewarding. Although the guys are great and run well independently, we share a central depot location for the trucks. We have a weekly brief and communicate on a daily basis regarding what we are doing for the week, our latest offers and other learnings and information.”

Dan believes laying a strong foundation now with his team will bring benefits. The expansion to multiple trucks provides economies of scale and he is confident it will prove to be a winning formula.

He is also excited about the opportunity to go on holiday for a month and not have to worry about the business while he is away.

“The great thing is Snap-on has totally supported my growth. In fact it is the perfect program to start your own business. The processes are so refined based on what works. It is easy to be successful. The skills you learn as a franchisee are lifelong learnings as well.

“I enjoy my job and the future looks bright with Snap-on.”

Snap on Tools Dan Pullen and his partner Danielle | Inside Franchise Business

Snap on Tools Dan Pullen and his partner Danielle | Inside Franchise Business