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FRANQ is a franchise management solution that helps franchise businesses achieve their goals for growth. It uses business process automation to automate regular tasks and allows the teams to build stronger relationships with franchisees. The solution is targeted towards organisations that are following a franchise business model and/or owns number of corporate-run stores.


FRANQ helps franchisors to thrive by automating business processes, solving franchise data challenges, and offering business insights for effective management. With this solution, the head office and outlet owners/managers increase productivity and efficiency within the organisation, positively impacting the bottom line.


FRANQ enables you to streamline your processes to enable staff to always have up-to-date information of all franchisees/stores. The management is able to plan, decide, and monitor the business development teams and franchise partners activities. Personalised secure access to data ensures that users can only access the data that is required to perform their tasks. One centralised database will allow all teams to access accurate and consistent information, every time!


With FRANQ, you can be confident of amazing results in less time.
Frequently asked questions:
– How does 360-view of franchisees/stores help?
FRANQ contains all information about all your franchisees and stores. Your marketing, recruitment, finance, support teams are accessing up to date information from one central system. No need to sync multiple applications to sync the franchisees data, and gone are the days when you are exchanging Excel sheets to distribute up to date information between team (and waiting for manual updates to be actioned).- Does FRANQ integrate with our website?
Yes, FRANQ can integrate with your corporate website to help manage queries related to New Franchises, Jobs, Suppliers, etc. FRANQ will use its automation capability to automatically send the query to specific person or team that should manage that query.- What is process-based FRANQ solution mean?
FRANQ is a process-based solution that allows the client to define their own business processes for Recruitment, daily Operations, Store Opening, Feedback, etc. This allows all team member in the head office (or support office) to follow the same process every time and making sure same consistent service is provided to customers. FRANQ also makes sure that head-office team members follow the mandatory requirements so that any legal or compliance item is not forgotten.

– How does Recruitment work in FRANQ?
A franchisor can define its own existing business process or a new improved one in FRANQ. This will help recruitment team to ensure that they handle all leads using the same steps. For example, if your process is to first register the details > send the application form > get NDA signed > schedule first interview > perform security and credit checks > finance approval > visit to a store > final interview, these steps can easily be configured. Some of these steps can be mandatory to ensure the completeness of the process.

– How does Contract Management work in FRANQ?
When a new Contract information in entered in FRANQ, it can automatically generate dashboards can show the start date, end date, value, duration, territory etc. FRANQ can also generate alerts well before contract expiry date to remind you that you need to take an appropriate action (contract renewal, termination, etc).

– Why should we not continue to use Excel files?
There is no doubt Excel has rich functionality for a standalone application. But that is what it is: a standalone application. You cannot:
– restrict information according to the roles
– share over cloud so that information is available to users according to their access
– cannot track the changes, who made the changes
– no email alerts/notifications on tasks, actions
With FRANQ, you overcome all those challenges with one universal application.


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