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Franchise Business Established: Franchise Simply 2011Involved in the franchise industry since 1982

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Franchise Simply is involved with both existing franchise groups and businesses wanting to grow through the franchise process.

Brian Keen has been involved in the franchise industry for more than 30 years. He is the Founder of Franchise Simply where his on-the-ground business experience as a multi-unit franchisee, franchisor and consultant helping many of the big names create their own franchise systems and growth over the years has been fed into his Franchise Success Path, the step-by-step modern process which is the basis of the Franchise Simply programs helping today’s SMEs grow their business through franchising.

More recently he has developed FranchiseSimplySYSTEM, where he works with both new and existing franchises to create simple, relevant, easy to use and secure Operations Manuals that both franchisee and franchisor staff love to use.

Brian is also the Founder and Chairman of MicroLoan Foundation Australia, a not for profit which lends funds and gives training to help women in Sub-Saharan Africa build businesses to get themselves out of poverty and give their families food on the table, education and hope for the future.

How we are different

Because Brian has worked in every aspect of the franchise industry over his 30 years, with his own franchise outlets and franchise groups, working with the big corporates and helping small businesses create and grow their franchise networks, he understands what it takes for businesses of every description to set up a commercially successful group.

And, although every business is different, Brian knows the steps to convert to the franchise model are always the same and involve much more than a good product and some legal documents. So, he has systemised franchising (The Franchise Success Path) to make it both more comprehensive and simpler, which makes it easier to be commercially successful.

  • Work out the big picture structure around what you want your franchisee to do and the likely skills and personality of the person you want to bring into your business
  • Define the business elements to suit your franchise and franchisee structures
  • Draw up the legal and operational documents to reflect the structure, the business elements and the people and test them with your early franchises
  • Recruit your new franchise business partners and lead them into success

To make this happen, Brian works with a team of franchise savvy specialists in branding, accounting, territories, legal aspects, systems, training and more. Most start with a Kickstart Weekend Franchise Training Workshop so they understand the system and how it will work and how they will interact with Brian and his specialists. Brian is involved every step of the way making sure it all fits together, adding his commercial experience to the mix.

Because of this structure you know what you are up for before you begin and everyone understands what has to happen at each step. And because of the clearly described systems, the process is cost and time effective.


Franchise Simply also offers a system for preparing operations manuals franchisees love to use. Your procedures are the foundation of your franchise system and, their development has badly lagged behind in this digital age.

FranchiseSimplySYSTEM is both the process for documenting your procedures and the software system for housing them. It results in simple, relevant, secure, interlinked systems for both franchisee and franchisor so both parties know exactly how to get the job done. They are you franchise system and form the foundation of any induction and training.

  • Providing franchise advice and programs to help businesses convert to the franchise model
  • Help existing franchise groups improve the way they work so they become more commercially successful
  • Develop contemporary and effective franchisee and franchisor cloud-based systems and operations manuals

Helping businesses and franchise networks grow through franchising, simply, successfully and cost effectively in Australia and internationally including systemising operations manuals within a cloud-based software platform.





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