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Built by franchisors for franchisors, Franchise Cloud Solutions offers franchise-specific software solutions to enhance your success.

Ranging from Franchise Recruitment, Renewals and Automatic Disclosure Document creation, to a complete Business Management system for your franchisees and everything in-between, Franchise Cloud Solutions offers the most comprehensive franchise system available on the Salesforce Cloud.

Recognising that there are hundreds of expensive and clunky franchising IT systems being built and used in isolation, Franchise Cloud Solutions was developed by Brendan Green, CEO of franchisor Hire A Hubby, as a cost effective and best practice industry solution.

Brendan and his team of franchising experts poured decades of franchise expertise into the design and development of this solution, so we are tremendously pleased to see our clients benefiting from savings in time and money, increased franchisee recruitment, improved processes, fewer errors and better regulatory compliance.

Discover how your business can save time, increase income, and reduce risk today.

Accelerate your success with Franchise Cloud Solutions. Recruit more franchisees, improve compliance and save money through staff efficiency improvements.


Manuel Spiteri, Franchise Cloud Solutions | Inside Franchise Business
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