Secrets Shhh targets online for NZ

By Sarah Stowe | 04 Apr 2019 View comments

Secrets Shhh, the jewellery franchise chain, has plans to introduce a New Zealand ecommerce site mid 2019.

CEO Mike Parsell said the business is poised to launch online mid-year to satisfy growing demand from across the Tasman.

Parsell joined the business two years ago and pinpointed overseas expansion early on.

The niche business has bucked the retail trend and grown to 16 stores nationwide and introduced an e-commerce portal.

Secrets brand offer

The brand has a reputation as the home of the diamond alternative. 

“Our stones are grown above-the-ground in laboratories, and therefore are more environmentally-friendly and less harmful to the Earth than mining for natural diamonds,” said Parsell.

“We do not displace tons and tons of earth to find a single one-carat diamond. Our stones are conflict-free. Their creation has not funded civil wars or gravely impacted human rights.

“We also appeal to the ethical consumer and encourage them to spend responsibly while making Earth-friendly consumer choices.”

Franchisee relocates

Parsell said the franchise arm of the business is vital to the Australian-owned company’s success.

After 16 years of trading, the very first interstate franchisee Alison Puchy has just relocated from Carillon City to a prime shopfront at Perth’s iconic London Court [pictured].

“We’re thrilled with our new location in London Court, which is probably the most easy-to-find Secrets store in Australia, with its prime location beneath the much-photographed London Court clock,” said Puchy.

“I am delighted to be continuing my involvement with Secrets. I have a wonderful, supportive relationship with our franchisor and it’s so exciting to be part of a growing brand.”

Parsell said “Ms Puchy is a savvy business operator who has runs on the board as a franchisee. We welcome her decision to continue her long-standing franchise with Secrets.”