San Churro unveils throwback treats at retro prices

By Sarah Stowe | 12 May 2020 View comments

Feeling the need for a little comfort under lockdown? Well, Chocolateria San Churro understands its customers’ taste for nostalgia all too well and has launched a Throwback Edition menu.

The 53-strong cafe chain, given a four-star rating on the Australian Franchise Rating Scale in January 2020, has proved it can pivot to meet the mood of the moment.

It checked back in time for all-time Aussie childhood favourites – Nerds, fairy bread and chocolate crackle – and brought them to life in churros and chocolate treats.

San Churro releases throwback menu

San Churro CEO Giro Maurici said “The nineties were known for iconic pop culture and fresh trends – and food was no exception. Dessert time at Aussie backyard parties was synonymous with homemade fairy bread, chocolate crackles and lolly bags.

“We’re delighted to turn back time and help you bring home some fun with an exciting menu that will find a special place in many people’s hearts.

“Whether you’re collecting a takeout from your local San Churro or ordering in via our delivery partners, we hope our Throwback Edition menu will bring some nostalgic delight to your day.”

And to complete the trip down memory lane, every Thursday until 28 May some of the new items will be priced at truly nostalgic prices.

Think $11 for a Throwback Churros Snack Pack available for takeaway between 4pm and 8pm.

San Churro’s recipe for success

Creativity is part of the business Giro Maurici revealed last year in a podcast.

“There are so many different disciplines and capabilities and perspectives that you need to bring together to run a successful business, and I think with that awareness….I think that gave me what I like to think is the recipe for launching and running a successful business,” he revealed.

Last year the brand was named Australian Established Franchisor of the Year by the Franchise Council of Australia.