San Churro’s one-touch app delivers dessert direct to your door

By Sarah Stowe | 11 Jun 2020 View comments

Aussie-born, Spanish-inspired dessert franchise Chocolateria San Churro has lifted its game a notch with its latest initiatives.

The chocolate cafe chain has instigated a new direct delivery service and revamped its membership program el SOCIAL.

San Churro app delivers dessert

As a result of working with expert partners, there are a host of features for the website and app which have been designed to ensure a seamless brand experience across each customer touchpoint.

Key features of the program include:

  • digital membership card (hosted via the el SOCIAL app)
  • contactless payment capability
  • live status updates on both earned points and rewards available
  • transaction history
  • San Churro store locator
  • online ordering.

In addition, el SOCIAL members will receive personalised offers to pair with purchases based on behaviour data. 

Delivery is key

San Churro has also focused on online delivery, and from mid-June is partnering with DoorDash in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

That means el SOCIAL members can enjoy a one-touch dessert ordering service from the comfort of their lounge rooms.

San Churro CEO Giro Maurici told Inside Franchise Business Customers are now much more receptive to ordering on digital platforms, doing it all on their own device, there’s no handling of cash or credit cards.”

Maurici said giving customers that flexibility is more timely than ever. “Even groups you think would be more digitally reticent see there are certain convenience and benefits to ordering online.”

Apart from the customer benefits of convenience and a sanitised experience, the developments allow the business to re-engage with customers and get a clearer understanding of their needs.

“We can better understand who our customers are, and connect with them. This is critical for us. We’re probably not alone in hospitality that third party delivery platforms and aggregators, as great as they were to open our eyes to different channels, they poked us in terms of connection with our customer base,” said Maurici.

“We struggled with losing a bit of that connectivity. This is redressing the balance. We can reignite with customers and give them the best deal, the best experience.”

San Churro to link with Google

By the end of June, San Churro will also launch its newest partnership with Google, allowing customers to order food for pickup straight from Google Search or Google Maps. The partnership will further enhance the online experience and sees San Churro one of the first Australian retailers to do so.

And there’s more…with over 250,000 el SOCIAL members in the new program, San Churro has also launched a massive four week giveaway. The chocolate cafe chain’s exclusive offers include the opportunity to win 200,000 loyalty points and $1m in ‘Churro Cash’.   

The promotion will be backed by an integrated marketing campaign including eDMs, social media, digital advertising, influencer outreach and earned media.