Right at Home: giving Aussies the opportunity to be cared for with at-home services

Right at Home Australia gives senior citizens, people living with a disability, and individuals recuperating after a hospital stay, the opportunity to be cared for at home. 

It’s part of a global business that delivers a wide range of services including companion care, domestic support, personal care, nursing care and allied health services. 

Right at Home is one of the largest home care franchise networks in the world, operating in more than 650 locations across seven countries, which brings in $700m in annual sales.

In Australia there are already 31 offices providing at home care to more than 2,000 clients.

This is a market set to grow and grow – right now its annual worth is at least $30bn.

It’s hard to pin a business as recession-proof, but the at-home care sector has shown resilience through the pandemic and the Right at Home business reported record growth during this period. 

For potential franchisees looking to sign up to an established international brand with large protected territories, comprehensive initial and ongoing training and support – for employees as well as franchisees – it might be worth finding out more about this brand.

Right at Home also has Approved Government Provider Status which means it can provide government-funded services. 

It’s aligned with government policy to keep people at home as long as possible and services can be integrated with private hospitals and health insurance funds.

Franchisees need to be highly motivated and passionate about making a difference in their local community.

And of course incoming business owners will have their own ambitions to achieve financial independence. 

Right at Home will provide healthcare expertise so franchisees don’t need to have a healthcare background.

What franchisees do need is to be resilient, collaborative, comfortable with systems and processes, and adaptable.

Expect to invest at least $200,000 to buy a franchise.