Regulation could change aged care sector: Martin Warner, Home Instead

By Sarah Stowe | 29 Oct 2015 View comments

Martin Warner, heading up the Australian Home Instead Senior Care business, predicts expected changes in the sector will open up the opportunities across the country as aged clients get to choose their care service.

“There are a lot of changes [coming up] in the whole aged care sector which means customers can choose their care. Now the Government system has organisations tender for services, win the contract and then deliver the service to the client. The client is told what service they will receive by the provider.

“The Government has conducted a productivity review which has recommended cutting out the inefficient process of tendering, and instead assessing for clients needs. The clients would have the funding themselves and then choose the care,” Warner said.

While the Government has yet to respond to the recommendations, Warner is adamant the problem of managing an ageing population is enough of a concern to ensure changes are made.

“ItÕs very likely to go ahead, weÕre talking substantial matters for the Government, this is a hot button. The industry wants it, clients want it, weÕre just waiting for the Government.”

“This will change the industry in a major way. In terms of franchising, it will have an impact too. It opens the field to organisations who donÕt have to be a government approved provider, who are focused on clients’ needs and high quality performance.

“Growth is steady but weÕre noticing a groundswell now, people are becoming aware.”

Home Instead Senior Care is an international brand which started in the US and was recently named a top franchise for franchisee satisfaction.

“WeÕre in 15 different countries and you can really feel how the governments are working out how to deal with this,” says Warner.