A purposeful program: Reunion reimagines group fitness training

By Sponsored | 22 Oct 2021 View comments

Reunion is group training reimagined – purposeful training that helps clients become the best, healthiest and fittest version of themselves.

Founder and entrepreneur Luke Istomin (the co-founder of mega fitness sensation F45) has realised his dream of reinventing the whole health and fitness industry.

Luke has given people real purpose and reason to get active with a program that truly delivers results, in a community-based environment..

“At Reunion we believe in pioneering a more evolved model that helps people of all ages optimise their body, to feel stronger, healthier and happier,” he says.

“People exercise for many different reasons. We find out what their reason is and we make them Fit for Purpose. Fit for the life they want to live. What matters to us is helping clients achieve their goals so we rely on an accurate and result driven approach.”

He believes the current fitness trends means clubs aren’t delivering for their members. The proliferation of social media, 24-hour gyms and a lack of personal attention within gyms mean fitness centres are failing to provide the desired results for their clients. 

Luke has simplified the process and brought in leading experts to work with him in creating highly effective workouts that are based on three key pillars of training: 

  1. Strength based movement 
  2. Movement + mobility
  3. Conditioning 

“We have world-class standards and deliver a premium experience. By partnering with the best, we help ordinary people achieve extraordinary results. We provide a personal training service and the results that come with it, at an affordable price.”

The programs progressively adapt to fitness levels by collecting members’ personalised data from each session.  

“Reunion training systems are collectively and individually unique. This means our training systems will be different to each and every one of our members, but the value and benefits will all be the same,” says Luke.

“There is no guessing what you will be doing from week to week, no variety for the sake of variety, no unsafe or excessive loads, no cheerleaders for coaches, no dangerous lifting methods, just real training performed correctly.”

So while most group training studios are focused on making club members sweat Reunion emphasises working out with people of a similar ability so all members stay motivated and safe as they work towards their goals.

“We make sure clients have a laugh in a session with their workout buddy. After all, group training is supposed to be fun and social right?”

The business is now primed to shake up the fitness landscape and take this dynamic new group training format across Australia, starting with locations in Sydney and Brisbane. 

So are you ready to make the change and join the fitness revolution? Investing in a fitness program with purpose could be the career-switch you’ve been dreaming about or a clever addition to your existing business. 

Find out more about the brand and opportunities by downloading the information pack.