Price Attack growth trajectory is the right attack 

By Sponsored | 29 Jan 2021 View comments

Australia’s leading professional hair care retailer is committed to a growth trajectory that is already realising on its 2025 expansion projection of increasing store numbers by 46 per cent.

Highlighting a commitment and confidence in ‘bricks and mortar stores’ Price Attack Salons is on track to open four stores in New South Wales and two in Victoria by mid-year.

The hair care sector is worth $500 million a year and continues to grow 3 per cent year on year. Price Attack Salons is ranked third largest in the hair care industry.

Price Attack Salons’ network development manager Tanya Kanaris said the company had not only seen a significant increase in the levels of enquiries for the franchise, but the quality of the enquiries was also strong. 

“To that end we are set to open the first store in Dubbo in Central New South Wales in a couple of months followed by three stores in Sydney,” Ms Kanaris said. “On the back of that we are on track to open a store in Melbourne as well as one in regional Victoria.

“Our existing franchisees have also expressed interest in expanding their portfolios and becoming multi-store operators with a franchisee, who already owns six stores, on target to open his seventh store by mid-year.

“We have been aggressively recruiting through many channels including PR along with social media which saw our engagement rise by 200 per cent over the same period as last year. One thing that has come from the Covid pandemic is people have never been more motivated to move away from capital cities, along with securing their future by buying themselves a job.”

In June 2020 reported interest in buying a business had exceeded the number of businesses for sale, as buyers looked to secure future employment amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The fine print 

Price Attack is offering a number of incentives, reacting to the pandemic with special deals.

“This is a perfect time for someone who wants to build a lifestyle around a job with a brand that is on the move,” Ms Kanaris said. “In the last 12 months Price Attack has undergone many changes with a new leadership team including a new CEO and brand/marketing manager so there is a lot of excitement around our brand. Our Dubbo store will showcase our new refreshed look which will be rolled out in future stores.

“Price Attack’s brand resilience comes from being both a service provider and a retailer. Everyone needs to get their hair done: this is not something that you can buy online. This came to the fore with the number of people scrutinising themselves on Zooms who after lockdown headed straight to the hairdressers. Adding to that if there is a sudden lockdown, you can continue your business by delivering products to your customer base.

“Franchisees don’t necessarily have to be hairdressers or from the beauty industry. Our franchisees range from husband and wife teams to investors who have a passion for creating a great customer service experience with professional products and expert advice: they come from all walks of life.

“The first question people ask is ‘what are the costs?’ “Our stores all have different configurations and sizes so fit out costs will vary depending on the size of the store or you may buy an existing store. We are so keen to move forward with our strategy that we are discussing franchise fees and other costs on a case by case basis. 

“This is a time of uncertainty for so many people: we are reacting to the current economic environment and remain flexible and nimble to work with potential franchisees. 

“In relation to how much money can be made, again, this is quite subjective, this will depend on staff employed, location of the store and how many hair stylists are employed.  I’m also asked about the level of training offered.  

“We are committed to new franchisees and provide them with a comprehensive training program as well as ongoing training for them and their staff.  Our industry partners are also committed to training, so all staff, whether they be stylists or retail assistants, know exactly how the products are to be used and the results the client can expect.”