Poolwerx’s April Pools Day biggest turn out ever

By Nick Hall | 29 Apr 2019 View comments

Poolwerx’s April Pools Day event has once again proven a success, with more 4000 people taking part.

The event teaches the public vital CPR education practices and is supported by the Australian Red Cross and Kids Alive.

Importance of Poolwerx’s April Pools Day

Research conducted by Ignite PR shows only 38 per cent of Australians believe they have adequate skills to save a life. With the rate of new homes being built with pools increasing, the need for CPR training is steadily rising.

John O’Brien, Poolwerx CEO and founder said this year’s campaign response was the greatest in the initiative’s history.

“Our research shows 93 per cent of people believe CPR qualifications should be compulsory, especially for parents and pool owners,” O’Brien said.

“The fact there was an increase of over 400 per cent in the number of Australians taking advantage of the free training shows the extent of the community support.”

Despite that support, O’Brien believes that new industry legislation is destined to take time. Ultimately, this increases the value of free education events such as Poolwerx’s April Pools Day.

“The reality is legislating CPR training will take a long time, if ever. So, April Pools Day is our way of educating people about the importance of CPR and helping put live-saving skills into the hands of as many Australians as possible,” he said.

“To us, each person who learns CPR is a potential life saved because the earlier someone receives CPR the more likely they are to survive.”

Impact for franchisees

Poolwerx’s April Pools Day provides an opportunity for franchisees to get amongst the local community. It’s a way to provide a necessary service, while at the same showcasing the brand’s values.

Laurie Lawrence, Kids Alive founder and long-time ambassador for Poolwerx’s April Pools Day said the rise in participants was positive.

“Only 6.9 per cent of Poolwerx survey respondents learnt CPR to help protect their children, the majority gained the skill because of work so that leaves a lot of people just not bothering to learn how to save a life,” Lawrence said.

“To see 4000 people sign up this year is amazing and will create a safer environment, especially in our backyards.

The Kids Alive founder praised Poolwerx for its long-standing commitment to safety, and urged greater legislation moving forward.

“Knowing how to save someone’s life is an incredible gift you can give to yourself and it is reassuring to know that until the day CPR training becomes legislated in this country there are companies, like Poolwerx, doing what they can to make it as accessible as possible for everyone.”

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