OzSpy adds interactive website for potential franchisees

By Sarah Stowe | 29 Oct 2015 View comments

Security Systems franchise group OzSpy has just launched a new franchising website that allows franchisee candidates to log in to a members area and access plenty of extra information when and where they like.

OzSpy co-founder and director Craig Mitchell said people wanted instant access to all sorts of additional and helpful information at their fingertips.

"In the past people had to contact the franchise representative each time they wanted to look at a new piece of the information puzzle and ask for it to be sent to them.

"With this system franchise candidates can log in whenever they choose and access hordes of information on the OzSpy opportunity, tips and checklists from independent advisors about choosing and buying a franchise, sample marketing material, video clips, financial data, suitability assessments and much more," he said.

The members area has three different levels; once someone has made on online inquiry about franchising they will receive a members log-in and then depending on the phase of the inquiry the potential franchisee can access the most relevant information.

Image: img.ehowcdn.com