Noodle Box offers strong support to franchise partners

By Sponsored | 25 Feb 2019 View comments

While the last 12 months has proven a tumultuous time for certain franchise models, brands that have reaffirmed and strengthened their commitment to franchisee support have emerged not only unscathed, but stronger than ever.

Creating a culture of support and growth is integral to the prolonged success of a business and for QSR and fast-casual franchise Noodle Box, the results speak for themselves.

For over 22 years, the Asian street food franchise has provided a small business platform that allows first-time entrepreneurs and new industry entrants to launch operations with ease.

The comprehensive business structure and mentorship system means that the opportunity to develop within the Noodle Box brand is open to people from all walks of life, not just master chefs and those with formal business qualifications.

What has allowed Noodle Box to achieve continued success in the competitive food retailing landscape is the suite of franchisee-centric support initiatives that form the cornerstone of the business.

Developed and refined over years of operation, these support systems have streamlined processes, providing new franchisees with limited experience in the sector the opportunity to launch their small business successfully.

Throughout their development, Noodle Box franchisees are provided with expert information and advice, from design and project management of the store build, all the way through to automation and analysis of store performance.

Franchisees have access to the national restaurant chain’s unprecedented list of ongoing services, aimed to ensuring that all needs are met, and all franchise outlets are profitable.

To assist new franchisees, Noodle Box takes care of consumer-targeted advertising and client acquisition processes such as local and national marketing, as well as the difficult but increasingly necessary aspect of social media management.

Additionally, the brand’s focus on automation and in-house product development allows franchisees to focus on their core competencies of customer service, employee management and of course, a world-class street food experience.

Now, more than ever, franchise brands must be committed to innovate, adapt and overcome market challenges, and as the sector evolves, so too has Noodle Box.

Last year, the brand unveiled a network-first, introducing the smaller format restaurant model, providing franchisees with the opportunity to join the successful business with significantly lower establishment costs and rental terms.

This focus on partner profitability has formed the basis of Noodle Box’s operation for over 20 years, and despite a highly publicised year for the sector, the Aussie fast-casual franchise is showing no signs of slowing down.

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