Why Art of Aquaria is a unique franchise opportunity

By Sarah Stowe | 13 Mar 2018 View comments

Looking for financial freedom and to be your own boss? If you enjoy learning and have a drive to deliver outstanding customer service, an aquarium rental and maintenance franchise, through Art of Aquaria, may be just what you are after.

The pet industry is fast growing in Australia, but most animal related franchises focus on retail or cat and dog services. The aquarium rental market is different because it mostly targets businesses as customers and it’s taking off fast as companies increasingly realise the many benefits of having an aquarium in the workplace.

Not only do they brighten up offices and improve their Feng Shui, aquariums also enhance the physical and mental wellbeing of staff and customers, and leading to better business outcomes.

Many businesses report seeing improvements in team productivity, creativity, morale, employee happiness, retention numbers, sales and customer satisfaction after installing an aquarium on their premises.

But these benefits are also backed up by research. Studies show that people experience reduced blood pressure and a lower heart rate after observing fish move hypnotically around their watery domains and the more fish on view, the more their moods will improve. It has also been proven that people who have pets live longer.

So why an Art of Aquaria franchise?

Firstly, it’s Australia’s first aquarium rental and maintenance franchise and it’s a good way of generating a recurring revenue stream which you can continue to grow.

Plus, it comes with potential lifestyle benefits. A franchise will allow you to work from home and enjoy the freedom of a mobile van operation. There’s no need to hire or manage staff and no exposure to retail.

Art of Aquaria says it creates aquariums that are, by definition, a work of art. With 2,000 types of fishes suitable for an aquarium, it takes great pride in selecting the best species to create that “wow” factor for its clients and knows which ones will promote that “feel good” factor in their offices.

It has also developed its own brand of unique aquariums, made solely for it by a quality New Zealand manufacturer, and these come in various styles and sizes.

Customers pay an all-inclusive flat monthly rental fee which covers maintenance, call outs, replacement goods and consumables. The aquariums are serviced twice-monthly and customers have access to its 1800 number for free callout if they experience any fishy issues. They can also upgrade to a different aquarium model whenever they want.

Art of Aquaria also has an expert team of head office staff dedicated to help franchisees build their businesses and a highly motivated marketing team with decades of sales and marketing experience to back up its strong and innovative online presence. This team will manage marketing for you and pass on all sales leads to you. As a franchisee, you can also drive further sales by pinpointing new opportunities yourself.

Art of Aquaria says it’s had 12 years to refine and develop its business model so franchisees can step straight in and start to build success right away. Over many years, it’s come to know what works and what doesn’t so franchisees don’t have to learn costly mistakes. It believes providing a strong but simple system to follow so that you can focus all your attention on customer service.

You don’t need to have any experience in installing or servicing aquariums nor any knowledge about fish as you will learn all aspects of fish keeping and running a successful business from Art of Aquaria’s training process

Art of Aquaria already has an established clientele in the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne and now has various new greenfield territories coming on stream soon, some starting from just $45,000.

Find out more about the business and available sites here.