Why Anytime Fitness suits me: franchisee

By Sarah Stowe | 29 Oct 2015 View comments


Steve Rollings bought the first three territories for Anytime Fitness in Australia. When he did so, founders Justin McDonell and Jacinta McDonell-Jimenez were the only two people at the head office. Anytime Fitness now has 150 clubs open and Steve's empire of clubs has grown too.

“When I started I never dreamed of the speed of success Anytime Fitness would have. I have now grown to 10 clubs with 50 staff and watched the head office grow their staff numbers and the support they provide to the clubs. The service from head office has been the same since the start, just with roles changing for Jacinta and Justin and new people coming in, with more business consultants, more people in property and marketing."

Now Steve has 10 clubs but his work/life balance hasn't suffered.

“I used to own two Eagle Boys Pizza franchises and I’m working fewer hours now with 10 gyms, I can take two to three overseas trips a year and another three or four holidays a year in Australia,” Steve reveals.

“In a fast food business 100 things could go wrong and they often did. In Anytime Fitness there are only two or three things that can go wrong and they rarely do. Staff love coming to work and are self motivated and financially we keep building, with this past January to March quarter the most profitable we have had with over 10,000 members across the 10 clubs.”

Steve’s brother David has moved on from his engineering career and purchased an Anytime Fitness site in the Adamstown territory in NSW’s Hunter region.

“My little brother has always been the Brains of the family with a chemical engineering degree, but when he saw that he was earning the same in a year that I earn in a month he bought a franchise too.”


  • Anytime Fitness is in third place on the latest franchisee satisfaction survey at topfranchise.com.au