Video Ezy in online storm over ad support for Sandilands’ radio show

By Sarah Stowe | 29 Oct 2015 View comments

Consumers unhappy with Video Ezy Australia’s advertising commitment to the Take 40 show hosted by controversial radio figure Kyle Sandilands have unleashed their feedback on social media, using the franchise network’s Facebook site to post critical comments. Many of the posts indicate customers will take their business elsewhere.

Sandilands’ recent verbal attack on a female journalist has brought a storm of protest, and now the fall-out has extended to advertisers on the 2DayFm radio show.

Car brand Holden was swift to cut its financial ties with the radio show. In contrast, Video Ezy has stated it does not condone the offensive comments but has not yet dropped its advertising spend with the radio show. The franchise posted the following statement on its Facebook site:

Video EzyÍs advertising relationship is with Take 40 Australia. Like Video Ezy, Take 40 is a heritage brand that is credible, family friendly and firmly focused on providing great entertainment. Along with our customers we cannot condone the comments made by Kyle Sandilands on his Sydney breakfast program.

Kyle and Jackie O are now on a summer break from hosting Take 40 Australia during which time and as always, Video Ezy will continue to assess our advertising partnerships to ensure they properly reflect the standards and values of our company.

In addition, allegations made by online campaign organisers that Video Ezy have been deleting posts from our Facebook Wall are false and incorrect. A visit to our Facebook Wall will show that this isn’t the case and we value our online community’s comments and feedback.

The statement appears to have encouraged more online criticism of the company, rather than settle it, with customers indicating they expect stronger action from Video Ezy.

Franchising magazine contacted Video Ezy but no one was available to comment.

Check out the Facebook comments here.