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How to time franchisees start dates


Setting the dates for a new franchisee to start training and business operations can be somewhat like a tug of war. Everyone and their respective professional advisors will have different

You can’t use that against me! What does the ‘without prejudice’ letter mean?


If a proposal or offer to settle a dispute is made on a ‘without prejudice’ basis-what does it really mean? The purpose of ‘without prejudice’ communication is to enable parties

How to get the best franchise deal


When it comes to franchising and leasing, the documents you sign will govern your business dealings for many years to come. There’s a very limited ability to renegotiate in the

5 steps to success as a first-time franchisee


If you are eager to buy into a franchise business as a first-time franchisee, now is the time to prepare for major legislation changes potentially set to shake up the

5 things franchisors can negotiate with franchisees


Showing an openness towards working with a franchisee to negotiate a franchise deal will be an excellent foundation to your future business relationship. A willingness to negotiate isn’t a sign

5 things franchisors must know about the inquiry


Seventy-one. That’s how many recommendations were made in the recent Parliamentary inquiry report into franchising. And sitting at over 350 pages, the report can be difficult (and time consuming!) to

5 people you must talk to before buying a franchise


For inspired entrepreneur-types, the lure of a streamlined business venture with set structures can seem like a perfect fit. Provided you chose the right model, opportunity and location, buying a

5 best-practice steps to successful mediation


Mediation and franchising go together like peas in a pod. Mediation has been in the Franchising Code of Conduct from the start. So what steps can you take that will make the

7 ways to avoid misrepresentation


Franchisors have always had to operate under a regulated environment, but scrutiny has increased. We are still seeing continued cases in the media of franchisees alleging they were misled and

4 leasing risks to avoid


Should you hold the lease of your franchisees’ business premises? The decision involves several commercial and financial considerations of the risks.  Many franchisors decide to hold leases of business premises