The Mexican Food Craze Driving Franchise Sales ‘Loco’

By Sarah Stowe | 06 Nov 2015 View comments

It’s no surprise that Mexican cuisine is the fastest growing food category in Australia, this rediscovered passion has triggered a meteoric rise in the numbers of Mexican fast food outlets,  with 3 of the top 10 fastest-growing franchises being Mexican food chains.  
At the root of this re-found popularity is the Baja Californian style of Mexican, which preserves traditional flavours of the cuisine, while using lean meats and fresh produce, packed with flavour to create simple and healthy fare. This real, tasty food, low in saturated fats, with no added sugar, has resonated with Australians. Increasingly health conscious, Gen X and Y’ers, sick and tired of traditional, unhealthy fast food options, have literally devoured this new generation of fresh, grilled food, eager to satisfy their inner Mexican – and more often than not you will find them seated at Mad Mex. 
Mad Mex brought Baja style Mexican to Australia, opening their first restaurant in 2007, offering a welcome alternative to traditional fast food. Not surprisingly the Mexican food franchise has grown dramatically – outstripping other more traditional healthy eating concepts as salad bars, juice booths and sushi .  While the overall menu focus at Mad Mex is healthy and fresh Mexican, Mad Mex is also committed responsible sourcing, with a focus on taste and sustainability. Their “Bitemark” program is a commitment to real food, no additives and minimizing environmental impacts, for example buying grass fed beef, over traditional feedlot grain fed beef in alignment with their socially conscious consumers. 
From an industry perspective, the brand is ideally positioned between gourmet restaurants and food court QSR leading the “fast casual” dining space, with traditional high volume and fast service, while delivering superior, restaurant quality food with all the convenience that customers have grown to expect. While big enough to offer proven systems, superior buying power and excellent return on investment, Mad Mex is small enough to connect with and support their franchisees to success.
Mad Mex makes you the master of your own burrito, with a highly customisable menu, which can be tailored to customers’ specific tastes and dietary needs – low carb, dairy free, vegan and gluten free can be served up without a blink…and washed down with a cold ‘cerveza’ or a margarita, since the majority of their outlets, hold a liquor license, delivering  a more authentic and complete Mexican experience.
With slew of awards in corporate categories from Business Review Weekly including Fastest Growing Franchise in 2013, through to taking out Foxtel’s LifeStyle FOOD Channel’s “I Love Food Awards” in 2014 for the second year in a row, Mad Mex is recognized a leader of the Mexican food charge. 
Now firmly established in the Australian psyche, the healthy Mexican food revolution isn’t showing any signs of slowing down; presenting a promising arena of opportunities for prospective franchisees.  Viva la revolucion!
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