The Mad Mex Four Pillars

By Sarah Stowe | 06 Nov 2015 View comments

To run a successful business you need to have passion for the industry – that’s a given. With passion you can face any challenge head on and come out on the other side a better operator. But there are some fundamental pillars that need to stand tall in order for business to run smoothly. Mexican fast food franchise Mad Mex believes in  four key criteria that focuses on training, operations, marketing and financing. Not to mention our core DNA strands – customer service, hospitality, fun & family.


Training for new franchisees is specifically designed to support every individual and level of experience. . It is carefully thought-out to inspire confidence in the operating business model: that’s according to General Manager of HR Melissa Wharton. She says that Mad Mex offers a comprehensive six-week training program that incorporates everything new franchisees need to know about how to run their franchise, supported by an online training system and ongoing support from our Operations Team. 
“Our six week training program includes a combination of shifts in restaurant(s), classroom style training in support offices, and face to face meetings with each Department Head. We couple it with our online training and communications platform, which franchisees have to complete over that period of time. By the end of their training program they are restaurant ready to run their new store. As a Mad Mex brand ambassador, we ensure their training comprises of working in various models, from kiosk, to strip and/or shopping centres.”


Fabian Rebelo, Chief Operating Officer at Mad Mex, says his role is to continue to support franchise partners and developing new strategic ways to continuously grow the business. 
“In operations I look after our corporate business which consists of 11 stores across Australia, and work closely with our franchise partners, about 46 throughout Australian and NZ. 
“It’s about working together … approaching, developing and working with franchisees hand in hand…whether they are in Perth or Auckland,” Rebelo says.


General Manager of Marketing Alex Deakin explains that her role, from a marketer’s perspective, consists partly of looking for the candidates who have the “get up and go” attitude to become local heroes. Essentially, it’s a unique take on marketing a brand that reaps rewards aplenty. 
“Our marketing advisory committee has experienced franchisee representatives in-putting into our national marketing calendar and our great online platform containing proven tools for local initiatives…We give one-on-one coaching before store opening and we are just at the other end of the phone for on-going advice,” Deakin says.


Mad Mex has a business accreditation with Bankwest, and that pays dividends for franchisees. 
As head of small business at Bankwest Antonia Albanese says “We’ve been working together for a few years now and that relationship continues to grow and prosper. So much so, we’re now the primary banker for Mad Mex and their preferred franchise lender.
“We take a very personalised approach to each franchisee and work with them through every step of the finance process,” Albanese says.

Putting it all together

We put a lot of time, effort and resources into training our franchisees because we see their value to the business. Nobody is just a number – the four pillars transform our franchisees into ready-to-go business people. If you want to join the family of a forward-thinking franchise business get in touch with Mad Mex today.