The beauty of a high tech business

By Sarah Stowe | 24 Jan 2018 View comments

Inside Franchise Business: Nirvana Beauty Laser ClinicsWhat sets a business apart from its competitors?

Today’s market leaders understand the fundamental importance of cutting edge technology, and are prepared to invest where it counts.

Today’s customers appreciate value – they are happy to spend where appropriate but are more discerning about their purchases.

Today’s future leaders are seeking the flexibility and freedom of working outside the 9-5 space, avoiding the constraints of traditional employment, and embracing their entrepreneurial spirit.

Which means tomorrow’s franchisees will be matching all these elements when selecting the right path for their future success and companies that are pioneers in their field will always attract ambitious future leaders.

Nirvana Beauty Laser Clinics is at the forefront of the beauty industry, committed to offering the most advanced technologies to its clients.

At Nirvana it isn’t enough to follow the crowd: the franchise chain was one of the first in Australia to introduce revolutionary treatments such as Coolift and the lifting and tightening skin treatment HIFU. These treatments are bang on track with the trends for fighting the ravages of time through non-invasive anti-ageing processes.

Suzan Akil, co-founder and operations manager, says bringing in the most up-to-date techniques is at the forefront of the business.

“This sets us apart from our competitors. We are focused on results-driven treatments,” she says.

Staying ahead in this competitive market gives the business the edge, and the team has gone beyond adding the latest technology to the treatment menu. Nirvana Beauty Laser Clinics has introduced its own skincare range, Fabufeel, offering customers a true sense of exclusivity.

So it could be the perfect match for anyone looking not just for investment but to be their own boss, someone for whom being part of an established, successful and growing company will be the background to their focus on high performance.

While the technical aspects of the equipment and treatments are absolutely crucial to the operation of a clinic, it isn’t essential for franchisees to be qualified therapists. Smart investors and entrepreneurs who can spot the potential of a $4.8bn industry with a burgeoning and cashed-up Baby Boomer population can join this thriving network. Installing a highly professional rontline team will ensure the smooth and safe running of this high tech salon model.

Of course ideal franchisees are beauty therapists and nurses looking to bank their technical knowledge and customer service skills and reap the benefits of business ownership. It’s a brilliant way to take the next step towards financial fulfilment and career satisfaction.

Nirvana Beauty Laser Clinics is looking for focused and determined individuals who can springboard their personal success from an established franchise chain, and help develop the brand’s presence around Australia.

Find out more about the company and its current opportunities here.