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How to buy an existing franchise: 3 key costs


Are you considering if you will buy an existing franchise? The process is a little different than opening a new business. While it presents the opportunity to jump straight into a profitable

Fastway Couriers takes to the air to beat the traffic [video]


Franchise logistics business Fastway Couriers is getting airborne in New Zealand, testing drone parcel delivery in Auckland.

What recruitment process works best? [video]


What is the best franchisee recruitment process? In this short video Dennis Koory, country business manager at Movenpick, shares the brand's most successful process. It turns out there are three

How can franchisors work towards 100 percent profitability? [video]


How can you work towards 100 percent profitability across a franchise network? In this video interview, franchisor Sara Pantaleo reveals how La Porchetta approaches profitability.

Why buy a franchise rather than an independent business? [video]


You could buy a franchise, or you could set up your own business. What will it be?

Tips for interviewing potential franchise buyers [video]


In this video clip Bradley Bird, business and franchise development manager for Tile Rescue, shares his tips for getting to the essentials in a franchise recruitment interview.

What does it take to be a great franchisee? [video]


If you’re thinking of buying a franchise, check out this video to find out what it takes to be a great franchisee.

Why should a franchise buyer use a franchise lawyer? [video]


Is it really necessary to turn to a franchise-experienced lawyer for advice before you buy a franchise?

Five things to look for in a franchise system


The five best ways to judge whether or not your chosen franchise opportunity has what it takes to be great.

What are the biggest mistakes emerging franchisors can make? [video]


In this video, Dr Sam Prince, the founder and owner of Mexican chain Zambrero, offers some advice on what emerging franchisors can avoid to help generate their business success.