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7 ways to avoid misrepresentation


Franchisors have always had to operate under a regulated environment, but scrutiny has increased. We are still seeing continued cases in the media of franchisees alleging they were misled and

Terminating a franchise agreement: how to get it right


Facing the final curtain … said Frank Sinatra. Franchise agreements can and do end in all sorts of circumstances.

Franchising under the hammer: opinion


Not happy times for the franchise industry of late let’s be honest. I am a keen advocate of the industry and as members of the FCA we want to see successful and jolly outcomes in the industry for franchisors and franchisees.

Renewing the franchise agreement


The renewal or extension of a franchise agreement, is an important right and greatly impacts on the franchisor and franchisee in different ways.

Don’t let sneaky clauses in the franchise agreement trip you up!


Remember that classic song, ‘I never promised you a rose garden’, written by Joe South, recorded by country music singer Lynn Anderson, and first released by Billy Joe Royal in 1967? That’s what most franchisors would sing to their franchisees.

10 ways to keep disputes at bay


How can franchisors can handle complaints before they become disputes?

What to do when you franchisor fails to deliver


You want to buy a franchise..well, let’s look into the future…

How do you get out of a franchise?


It’s easy to get in, not always so easy to get out. But understanding the rules around exiting a franchise helps.

Is franchising a hot bed of disputes between franchisees and franchisors?


Are disputes common in franchising? It’s a pertinent question for anyone looking to invest in a franchise business.

How to stay legal with preferred suppliers


Franchisors, do you force your franchisees to acquire goods or services from a specified third party supplier?