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5 things franchisors must know about the inquiry


Seventy-one. That’s how many recommendations were made in the recent Parliamentary inquiry report into franchising. And sitting at over 350 pages, the report can be difficult (and time consuming!) to

3 must-avoid franchisee legal mistakes


Want to avoid costly franchisee legal mistakes? When you are assessing a franchise venture, you may find yourself looking at your potential expenses, searching for any opportunity to reduce costs.

How to buy a franchise: getting the right advice


Buying a franchise is both a major investment and a huge llifestyle step to take so getting advice from professionals makes sense.

Franchise agreement cheat sheet


So, you’re buying a franchise and have just received the franchise agreement from the franchisor. You may be overwhelmed by the volume of the agreement alone (not to mention all the other documents).

Want to buy a franchise? Why it pays to read the small print


As a franchise buyer, you might feel like you’re drowning in documentation. At a minimum, you’ll receive a franchise agreement and disclosure document from the franchisor, and if the franchise operates from a fixed site, lease documents as well.

How do I know this is a franchise?


Have you been given an agreement and you’re not sure if it’s a franchise or something else, like a licence or distribution agreement?

What’s different about a master franchise agreement?


So, you’re considering appointing a master franchisee for your business. You might be looking to expand overseas, or simply don’t have the resources to expand your business across Australia.

What happens if a franchisee gets a breach notice?


Being served with a breach notice from your franchisor can be upsetting and stressful, but don’t panic.

How to use a franchising lawyer


If you’re considering buying a franchise, you’ve probably been given an overload of information from the franchisor and might even feel that you can wade through this information yourself.

5 things franchisors need to know about the B2B unfair contract terms


With the new unfair contract term provisions in the Australian Consumer Law in full swing, here’s a snapshot of five things you need to know to avoid getting caught out.