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FCA gets franchisee committee off the ground


Franchisees now have a direct link to the Franchise Council of Australia CEO with the launch last week of its Franchisee Advisory Committee. The committee has been established to give

FCA, ACCC and Franchise Redress respond to franchise report


The franchise inquiry report is a complex document with wide-ranging proposals for the sector and for government. So how are the Franchise Council of Australia, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission,

Cheat’s guide to franchise inquiry report: what you need to know


What do you need to know about the franchise inquiry report? Check out our easy guide to the essential information – what’s in the report, expert opinion and what you

What potential franchisees need to know about the franchise inquiry report


Franchise standards have to rise and franchising should provide better protections and rights for franchisees. That’s the conclusion of the franchise inquiry report from the Senate committee looking into the franchise

Franchising report calls for better franchisee protections and RFG investigation


Franchising embodies a power disparity in the franchise relationship and that needs to change. That’s a fundamental finding of the parliamentary inquiry into the franchising code which offered no surprises in terms

FCA franchisee committee launched


The Franchise Council of Australia is taking steps to include franchisees in its organisation and is to set up a Franchisee Policy Advisory Committee. This 12-member strong group will provide input and

FCA steps up in Jump! Swim Schools saga


The Franchise Council of Australia last week urged the ACCC to initiate an investigation into the Jump! Swim Schools franchise in response to escalating complaints.

Franchise winners celebrated


Franchise success was celebrated last week as top performers in Victoria and Tasmania vied for regional awards.

What’s next for the FCA? PODCAST


Newly minted FCA CEO Mary Aldred shares her perspective on the state of the franchising sector, the parliamentary inquiry and engaging franchising stakeholders.

FCA states its case in senate inquiry


What shoiuld be the focus of the Government’s franchising inquiry? According to the sector’s peak body the spotlight should be on enforcing compliance with existing regulation, rather than adding new regulation.