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4 franchise documents every franchisee needs to review


Franchising is governed by a strict set of rules and regulations, many of which revolve around documentation. But with so many lengthy agreements and franchise documents to review, how can

How to get the best franchise deal


When it comes to franchising and leasing, the documents you sign will govern your business dealings for many years to come. There’s a very limited ability to renegotiate in the

What does a franchise buy you?


Franchising models are all inherently different, that’s why it is important to get the basics right. While you may have a grip on the big brands in franchising, the model itself can

3 must-avoid franchisee legal mistakes


Want to avoid costly franchisee legal mistakes? When you are assessing a franchise venture, you may find yourself looking at your potential expenses, searching for any opportunity to reduce costs.

Understanding the Franchise Agreement [GUIDE]


Buying a franchise business is a significant undertaking – one that requires thorough research of the franchise system, speaking to existing and past franchisees and most importantly understanding the franchise agreement you are signing.

Is it time to write a new franchise agreement?


Don’t forget you might need to update your franchise agreement by 31 October.