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Chocolateria San Churro

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San Churro’s journey to success


Giro Maurici, founder, San Churro, speaks passionately about his brand that came about due to a life changing trip to Spain.

What do franchisees want? San Churro spills the beans


Inspired by the chocolaterias of Spain, franchise chain San Churro is serving up delicious desserts and treats to enthusiastic diners across the country. Inside Franchise Business talks with Kim Davies, who heads up recruitment .

Want to buy a dessert business with a feel-good factor?


Sweet temptation is at the heart of this dessert franchise and yet there is more to Chocolateria San Churro than its smooth Spanish chocolate.

San Churro is seeking franchisees for regional sites


Chocolateria San Churro has its sights set on regional locations for up 10 to 12 new franchises set to open nationally in the next 18 months.

San Churro commits to Fairtrade program


San Churro has stepped up to the mark in its aim to help build a fairer future for cocoa farmers in developing countries.

Australia’s desserts sector: a snapshot [part one]


Australia’s desserts sector: a snapshot [part one]