Smartline tops satisfaction survey fourth year in a row

By Sarah Stowe | 29 Oct 2015 View comments


Home loans business Smartline has been ranked number one in's latest top 10 list, a position it has held since 2009.

Smartline managing director Chris Acret said today’s survey result showed that it was possible to maintain a strong internal culture and franchisee engagement in a business experiencing change and growth.

The group merged with WA-based The Mortgage Gallery on April 2 this year and with Mortgage Force in 2009.

“Our two mergers have made us bigger and stronger collectively, while also maintaining our position as the highest quality group in the mortgage broking industry,” Acret said. “While mergers and accelerated growth can certainly be the undoing of some companies if not handled well, our experience is just the opposite.

“We have found that bringing a large number of experienced, high quality people into the group reinvigorates everyone.

"Merging gives us greater capacity to keep investing in our systems, marketing and support and further strengthens our position with our lenders. That has obvious benefits for our franchisees and I’m delighted that they continue to be so positive about being part of the Smartline team.”

Ian Krawitz, head of, said Smartline has been one of the most successful franchisors at keeping franchisees satisfied throughout the course of a merger.

“In our surveys of Smartline’s franchisees through the mergers with Mortgage Force and the Mortgage Gallery we did not see a drop in the satisfaction levels of franchisees. Smartline has always been very transparent in their dealings with their franchisees as evidenced in the level of trust they maintain with their franchisees.”

Following its recent merger with The Mortgage Gallery, Smartline has more than 240 franchisees settling $4 billion in loans annually, and a combined loan book in excess of $17 billion.