Shingle Inn awards top barista

By Sarah Stowe | 29 Oct 2015 View comments


Twenty year old Sam Lee has been making coffee since he was old enough to get a job and his experience has paid off; he has been named Shingle Inn’s 2012 Barista of the Year champion.

Employed at Shingle Inn Carindale since the store opened two years ago, Sam says the win was unexpected, despite his extensive experience.

"My Dad owned a cafe in Ormiston so I’ve been making coffees since I was old enough to start work but I’ve learnt so much more about coffee since I started working for Shingle Inn,” said a delighted Sam following the announcement.

“I always work to make sure my coffees are consistent. I want them to be top quality coffees, every time. The customer experience is very important to me.”

Finalists from each of Shingle Inn’s 24 stores throughout Queensland and New South Wales were given six minutes to create three coffees and judged on taste, coffee preparation, visual appeal, froth and appropriate barista presentation.

For his efforts Sam wins a return trip to Sydney, a tour of the coffee roasting plant from which Shingle Inn buys its unique blend and dinner with the coffee roaster.