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Prior experience not a prerequisite for success at Shingle Inn


Iconic Australian franchise Shingle Inn is putting passion before prior experience, helping inspired entrepreneurs kickstart a career in the hospitality industry. The café business has revealed that hospitality experience is

Your franchise financial ABCs


Just started a franchise business? Chances are you’re too concerned with getting traffic through the door to worry about financial figures, but beware, that’s a dangerous pattern to fall into.

Sandella’s free car offer to franchise buyers


Buy a business and get a car worth $15,000…that’s the offer for five potential franchisees. Brand new from the US, fast food chain Sandella’s is offering a big incentive to prospective

Poll: 40% are ready to buy a franchise


Are you committed to franchising and ready to buy a franchise? If so, you are in good company. In a recent poll on which asked ‘Are you ready to

Snap Printing franchisees leave corporate world behind


For former advertising and marketing professionals Sue and Ian Mackie, the opportunity to exit the corporate world was one they clasped with both hands. In 2012, the husband and wife

Making a lasting moment with Cowch Dessert Cocktail Bar


From birthdays, to hens parties, to baby shower celebrations, life’s big moments have a common culinary trait. It’s those sticky, sweet dessert and cocktail creations that can turn mundane nights

5 must-ask questions for your franchisor


Considering a franchise opportunity? Many advisors will tell you to ask your franchisor the hard-hitting questions, but what exactly are those must-ask questions? Undertaking a comprehensive review of your proposed

How to spot a winning franchise


How do you find a winning franchise? Which franchise is right for you is very much a personal issue. But there are some simple techniques and tips that can help

PowerfulPoints new opportunity for career corporates


If you are a skilled business person, why work to make your boss more successful? It’s the predicament that has seen many white collar workers consider entrepreneurship, but often in

4 franchise documents every franchisee needs to review


Franchising is governed by a strict set of rules and regulations, many of which revolve around documentation. But with so many lengthy agreements and franchise documents to review, how can