San Churro’s journey to success

By Sarah Stowe | 11 May 2018 View comments

Inside Franchise Business: San Churro desserts inspired by SpainGiro Maurici, founder, San Churro, speaks passionately about his brand that came about due to a life changing trip to Spain.

At the heart of the business is not only a love of chocolate and churros but also a love of people. Maurici decided to franchise the business as he wanted each store to be loved and cherished by its manager. He never wanted a big corporate business with lots of middle management.

Maurici looks for franchisees who also have that love and passion for the brand and aren’t just looking for a passive investment. He believes it’s important for the franchisee to support the franchise and for the relationship to be a partnership.

“It’s important our franchisees get that satisfaction from putting smiles on customers' faces,” he says.

The founder is focusing on improving and refining the business, ensuring the existing network of outlets is well served, rather than focusing on expansion.

Increasingly restaurants are incorporating chocolate into their menu but Maurici says competition is not always a bad thing; rather it makes for a fun environment where you’re always having to innovate.

Recently for Valentine’s Day San Churro made a delicious red velvet dessert which proved to be very popular amongst Instagram followers.

Maurici says there are a lot of exciting things planned this year, including something top secret he couldn’t reveal yet.

“We have a whole team dedicated to making new and delicious desserts,” he says.

“It’s important to have fun with products.”