Salsa’s – smoothie queen does salsa

By Sarah Stowe | 29 Oct 2015 View comments

Back in 2001 Janine opened her first Boost Juice Bar in King William St, Adelaide. Ten years and 186 stores later, Boost Juice is one of the most successful Australian owned franchises. Luckily for discerning tastebuds all over the country, Janine is not one to rest on her laurels, or kiwifruits or bananas.

In 2007 Janine was in Mexico, launching a Boost master franchise, when she discovered the appeal of Fresh Mex. Already a hugely successful trend in the US, Janine saw the opportunity to create a Fresh Mex sensation in Australia.

Back home, like all good franchisees, Janine did her research and heard about a local operator who was serving up mouth-watering Fresh Mex and doing ‘big numbers’. So, over a few margaritas and lots of tasty tacos, a deal was brokered and the Boost Investment Group bought a majority share in Salsa’s Fresh Mex Grill.

Going Mexican

Two years on, the company has grown from four stores to 16, with plans for the growth of 20 new Salsa’s each year.

Thanks to mouth-watering flavours, healthy ingredients and value for money, Fresh Mex is a fast food category that’s going from strength to strength.

Combined with the backing of one of Australia’s most successful franchise groups, you’ve got a brand that delivers the benefit of a unique product supported by a proven business model. In today’s competitive franchise market these two factors are a great advantage.

Opportunity knocks

For Janine and the Salsa’s franchisees this is an exciting time in the company’s life.

“Right now there is so much momentum and opportunity. It’s fantastic to watch the brand take a hold of the Australian market and it’s invigorating to have been there and done that – so every decision regarding Salsa’s is an expert one”, says Janine.

“We’re not feeling our way through the dark or second guessing. We understand the Australian fast casual food market. We’re seasoned operators and we love being able to use our knowledge to bring Fresh Mex to the masses.

“It’s also exciting because there is still so much to achieve. New franchisees have the rare opportunity of being able to choose from a range of prime retail spots, our marketing campaign is just starting to get serious and the Fresh Mex buzz is beginning to take hold of the Australian public.”

What with jalapenos, sombreros and the aim to open 20 new Salsa’s stores by 2011, Janine has a hot year ahead. And judging by her past success, the hotter the better.