Run your business without missing out

By Sarah Stowe | 05 May 2016 View comments

Running a business is HARD WORK. Many people have dreams about running their own business and a franchised business makes it a little easier; for many people the goal of being a business owner is about balancing your work commitments and lifestyle.

You’ve put in the long hours and the commitment as an employee.

Now you want to move into a space where you can take control of your life.

You want to decide how many hours a week you will work.

You want the choice of not working on weekends.

You want the freedom of attending get-togethers with family and friends.

You want the autonomy to take a holiday or time off.

You are after those three words: work life balance.

Owning your own business

So owning your own business will hopefully become the gateway to that goal. It may be the decision designed to perfectly align your life. It’s all part of making sure the scales are balanced and you can get the most out of your business, but also your personal and family life.

Did you know that most business owners find achieving this goal a challenge?

A global study by The Alternative Board discovered 93 percent of business owners worked weekends and 73 percent wanted more flexibility than when they were employed.

  • 19 percent work 60+ hours a week
  • 30 percent work 50-59 hours a week
  • 33 percent work 40-49 hours a week
  • 14 percent work 30-39 hours a week

Based on these figures, it appears most business owners are working more than five days a week.

In that study, business owners said that if they had more time:

  • 31 percent would spend more time with their family
  • 23 percent would travel for fun
  • 14 percent would work to improve their personal health
  • 10 percent would grow their business

Business owners spend so much time in the business, they are often too busy to work on the business.

Achieve a good work life balance

So how can you optimise your work life balance when you buy a business?

The Alternative Board (TAB), helps business owners achieve just that by offerings strategic planning and accountability sessions with an allocated coach and peer advisory board members.

TAB brings business owners and leaders from non-competing industries together in a group setting – much like a board of directors. They support each other by working on challenges and opportunities faced in each of the companies.

What is on the table is not unproven theories, but practical, real-world, tried and tested solutions, as well as invaluable hands-on experience. To help you get the balance right.

Core services you could access as a small business owner include:

Business owner advisory boards:  these allow you to consult a sounding board of like-minded professionals to help align your business vision with your personal vision.

Business coaching: Tailored business coaching for members is also part of a membership, from initial sessions to monthly check ups

Business owner network: This cutting edge network allows you to submit your business challenge or opportunity questions to TAB Connect and receive feedback from a network of business owners from around the world.

Are you ready to get the most out of your business? Start owning a business without missing out on the benefits.