PoolWerx still a fast growing franchise

By Sarah Stowe | 29 Oct 2015 View comments

Australian pool and spa care franchise network PoolWerx has recorded top sales figures and experienced close to 20 percent year on year growth. The franchise posted its best December sales in 13 years of operation, up 28 percent and CEO John OÕBrien is confident this will be maintained.

“All the talk is about companies collapsing and suffering but there are many strong companies in the market place forging ahead nicely despite tough times,” he said. “This financial year PoolWerx continued to enjoy strong growth of more than 120 percent on last yearÕs results.”

The company was recently named one of the top pacesetters in the industry after consistently achieving listings in the BRW Fast Franchises ranking since its inception. PoolWerx was listed as the 16th fastest growing franchise by revenue and the 30th fastest growing by outlets.

OÕBrien admitted the franchise was taking a cautious approach in the current environment but had devised strategies to capitalise on a changing marketplace. “We have not folded in the face of adversity but rather aimed to be counter cyclical and see this period as the opportunity it can be — to secure more customers.

“We have analysed our spending and been able to generate healthy group savings by focusing on supplier suitability and monitoring cash flow. While the trend is to cut back on essentials such as marketing and personnel we have focused our energy on improving these aspects of our business and it has ensured our growth has not been adversely affected in the downturn.”

OÕBrien said the franchise aimed to at least 30 new franchises this financial year and was enjoying strong enquiry levels. “Our growth is buoyed by the fact we have multiple entry levels for franchises and a proven strategy for expansion and business development. We sought new income streams to protect the business operating within the mobile, retail and B2B markets. Diversification is the key to our long-term success and growth capacity.”