Olivia Newton-John partners with Curves

By Sarah Stowe | 29 Oct 2015 View comments

The worldÍs largest fitness franchise, Curves, has announced that four-time Grammy award-winner Olivia Newton-John is to launch an international campaign to distribute 1 million units of Liv® Aid, a breast self-exam aid that assists women to exercise breast self-examinations correctly. Launching in October as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the campaign will give women the chance to get a free Liv® Aid at their local Curves.

Diane Heavin, founder of Curves, said, ñNo other cause has united the Curves community like the fight against cancer _ and specifically breast cancer. When I heard Olivia was behind this amazing early detection tool, I couldnÍt wait to get my hands on one. After I used it myself, I couldnÍt wait to get the Liv® Aid into the hands of a million women.î

Olive Newton-John believes that it was her self examination and consequent early detection that was paramount in her beating cancer. ñThat I am fine today and stronger than before, I credit to early detection.î The star continued, ñBeing a breast cancer ïthriverÍ, I know that early detection is key to good breast health. My wish is that all women aged 20 and above perform monthly breast self-examinations.î

Renowned breast cancer surgeon, Ernie Bodai, said of the early detection tool, ñThe Liv® Aid greatly enhances a womanÍs ability in detecting an abnormality, which in many cases will lead to early detection and a better chance for a cure.î