New business, new baby

By Sarah Stowe | 29 Oct 2015 View comments

Not content with a new baby on the way, Canning Vale locals Milenko Camprag and his wife Rizza are opening up The Cheesecake Shop, in the neighbourhood they have lived in for 10 years.

When the store opens on Wednesday 17th October, it will be the 178th store for the national dessert franchise.

And the October launch will give the young couple the chance to get their business up and running before their first baby arrives in December. It will be a busy Christmas!

Rizza will bring her accounting expertise to the business and Milenko is a qualified chef who has worked in the food industry for nine years, moving from the role of head chef at the Freshwater Bay Yacht Club to take up the cheesecake franchise.

He is passionate about cakes and has loved The Cheesecake shop since he was a young boy.

Now he will be putting his skills to work baking daily delights, from cheesecakes and gluten-free mud cakes to cupcakes and macarons, for his own business.

And maybe he'll be inspired to bake a cake for the baby shower!

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Image: facebook