Multiple outlets on the menu

By Sarah Stowe | 29 Oct 2015 View comments

One of the enforced benefits of multi-unit franchising is being quite focused on the outlets as a business, Boost Juice Bar franchisee Anthony Stahl says. “With just one site sometimes franchisees can forget it is a business, and donÕt respect it. You canÕt just take $50 out of the till, you have to appreciate it is a business, not a personal bank account,” he says.

Anthony Stahl set out with the goal of two outlets. But he and his business partner soon realised there were economies of scale to multi-unit franchising across store teams, back of house and ordering that would further help their performance.

The partnership expanded its horizons and now has five Sydney based outlets — two in Chatswood, one in Top City Ryde, one in Manly, one in North Sydney. The expansion into multiple outlets is working: four of these stores are ranked in BoostÕs top 10 in the state, two of them are in the national top 10.

The pair have kept a hands-on approach to their franchise management, as much as is possible, but Stahl says new skills are required in multi-unit franchising.

“The skill set is managing people and incentivising people but I like to think our hands-on style is part of our success. I like the team to know I can clean a freezer, upsell or make a smoothie just as well as they can.”