Mentors who helped me build my business: Zambrero founder

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Do you have an official mentor? Turning to someone whose experience or clarity in thinking on business issues you value is a common way for business people to advance their own skills.

But the mentoring doesn't have to be personal. There are great insights to be drawn from afar, as entrepreneur Dr Sam Prince, the founder of Zambrero explains.

"Mentors have an important role to play for every entrepreneur as they have extensive experience within the industry or a topic that can cover for significant weaknesses, which is often due a lack of experience.

"Since the beginning of my career I have turned to the retail greats for advice; Howard Schultz, Fred De Luca, Ray Croc and Steve Jobs. I would obsess about their stories, read their biographies and watch any interview I could get my hands on. I regard them as my mentors based on the amount I have learned from them."

Prince can credit each for specific guidance that has helped build his organisation.

"I learned the power of creating a great customer experience brand from Schultz, how to franchise a scalable model from De Luca, the importance of tight operations from Croc and the most important lessons, the art of retailing and customer-centric thinking from Jobs." 

  • What's the value of a mentor to you? Perhaps you could be a mentoring figure for others in the franchising sector.

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