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Inside Franchise Business: Sherwin Djamil, Soul Origin franchiseeSoul Origin franchisee Sherwin Djamil is moving as swiftly as the fast-growing healthy fast food franchise. He’s opened nine stores since starting out with his first franchise in Sydney’s Parramatta, even dipping his toes into the Melbourne market.

Here are his tips for achieving a million dollar business:


“Believe and you will achieve...doubt and you’re on your way out"

Start with believing that you are already a million dollar business and work your way backwards to see how you got there (or what you need to do to get there). I didn't say, think or pretend to be a million dollar business...I said believe...that means having absolute mind, body and soul certainty.

What the mind focuses on will eventually translate itself to its physical equivalent. Just like is a mind game.


"No pain, no gain"

Understand your numbers and drivers (sales, COGS - cost of goods, wages) as a base foundation and build with the end in mind. Just like the gym, you know what your physical goal is, now push and trim. Trim and enjoy the fruit of your muscles! That also means push sales, trim COGs, monitor the wages bill and enjoy the results of profit.

Growing pains happen in your business too. All you have to do is endure, persevere and persist. Don't give up.


"The customer is king...the team is are there to serve the kingdom."

Make your decisions on what is best for the customer first, team second, then the business. Hire the right people for the right job so that the business can serve its purpose, which is to serve the people. That also means serve beyond the counter and into the community. Soon you will have a culture where everyone wants to serve and sacrifice for each other.

Let go

"Learn to let go and let it flow"

The more you do with your hands the less you do with your head. Let go of the task that can be done by the team and play your role as navigator, coach and mentor. If you’re not thinking big for your business then who is? You'll come to appreciate that others can do the job better than you and they will still follow your lead.

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