Mad Mex has a new franchise model for the casual dining trend

By Sarah Stowe | 15 Feb 2016 View comments

The Cantina de Mad Mex is the latest franchise model from a fast food favouriteThe Mexican fast food retailer has broadened its horizons and launched a Cantina model that sits within the casual dining precincts that are increasingly popular in Australia.

Here Mad Mex answers our top 12 questions

What is the best reason to invest in a casual dining franchise?  

The dining experience has evolved in recent times and we are finding the average consumer expects quality service and fresh ingredients in an environment which is fun, colourful and exciting. More and more shopping centres are creating casual dining precincts to cater for this explosion which needs to be both affordable and vibrant

What are the costs of investing in your franchise?

Typically a Mad Mex investment varies between $450,000 and $600,000. Ongoing fees include a six percent franchise fee and a marketing levy of three percent. We invest more time and resources during the application process to ensure all planets are aligned before the partnership begins.

What deposit is required?  

An initial deposit of $2,000 gets you started which is then followed by a further $15,000 to start preparing franchise documents.

How long is training?  

A six week intensive training program  comprises both practical and theory.

Where is training conducted? 

Across our network of training stores in Sydney and Victoria.

Is the franchise term aligned to the lease? 

In most cases where possible we try and align both agreements , however in some cases this is not the case.

What help do you offer franchisees in locating sites?  

We have an in-house property team which works hard to find the right locations and more importantly the right lease terms.

Do you negotiate rents with the landlord? 

Most definitely. We have worked hard over the years to establish good solid relationships with all landlords.

Who holds the head lease?  

Mad Mex always holds the head lease which ensures favourable lease terms with the landlord.

What's the typical size of an outlet? 

An outlet is 120sqm to 200sqm.

How many staff are typically required in each unit? 

Depending on the operation anywhere between 10 and 30 staff.

How many new outlets do you expect to open in 2016? 

We are on track to open 20 new locations each year in Australia with similar numbers internationally.