La Porchetta to show at Sydney expo

By Sarah Stowe | 29 Oct 2015 View comments

Italian casual dining chain La Porchetta is among the hospitality brands which will be showcasing their franchise offers at the Sydney Franchising & Business Opportunities Expo in March 2015. 

We asked four key questions any franchise buyer should pose to a potential franchisor partner:

1. Why should a franchise buyer invest in your sector?

The restaurant industry in Australia is dynamic and growing.  It’s currently valued at $11.4bn with a 5.5 percent annual growth rate (IBIS World June 2014). 

Consumers have ever-busier lifestyles, with longer work hours and less downtime. Restaurants provide a meal solution, allowing them to combine mealtimes with leisure, without needing to prepare food and clean up. They will always seek out quality food and ingredients in an informal dining atmosphere that meets their lifestyle needs

2. How is your business different from the competition?

La Porchetta is now an iconic and much loved brand having looked after our customers for over 30 years.

We are known by our customers for our friendly service, warm atmosphere and extensive and appealing meal options made with the freshest ingredients. La Porchetta is a unique Italian a la carte restaurant offering that resonates with our customers and helps us stand out from the crowd. The successful and sustained growth is the result of our distinctive branding and effective marketing, combined with our commitment to the highest standards in training, service, food quality and menus, all backed by our highly developed business systems.

We are a proven business model that helps franchisees to follow their dream of owning their own business_.

3. What would an existing franchisee say about the network and your support?

We consult on an ongoing basis with our franchisees and seek their feedback. They regularly come back to use with comments like, “What I really like about La Porchetta is that the network is very strong, approachable and family orientated. With the regular meetings and conferences throughout the year there are many opportunities to interact, engage and be inspired. Support Office is not only there to support you but they also challenge you to be the very best. Being with other like-minded business owners is a bonus. They give you the advice, support and tools you need to help you to succeed.”_

4. What does it cost for a turnkey franchise in your system?

The all-inclusive cost of a new La Porchetta franchise starts from $600,000. This includes restaurant fit-out, equipment, training fees and all other fees and charges.

More on the expo

We will be highlighting more of the attending companies over the next few weeks and in the upcoming edition of the Franchising magazine.

  • The Sydney Franchising & Business Opportunities Expo is on 10am-5pm Friday 27 March – Sunday 29 March 2015 at the Royal Hall of Industries at Moore Park. You can pre-register at for a discounted entry fee.