Inside PowerfulPoints, the franchise for white-collar workers

If you’ve spent the last ten or even twenty years in a corporate setting, going out on your own and starting a handyman or food retailing business may seem like a backward step.

While many Australians dream of working for themselves, for white-collar workers it can often feel as though you are chained to the corporate ladder, with the only opportunity for business ownership presenting either a high-risk scenario or a complete career change.

Traditionally, the marketing, sales and business development sectors have rarely provided a clear pathway to franchise entrepreneurship, however a new service-centric trend is seeing professional skills emerge as valuable commodities in the franchise business world.

A rising demand for corporate advisory services, business services and professional development models is providing new opportunities for white-collar workers to launch their own business with the support and structure of a franchise system.

For example, PowerfulPoints is an innovative new franchise opportunity gifting career corporates with the ability to leverage their professional skills and experience to help build a business for themselves.

Established in 2003 to help Australian businesses produce exceptional presentations, PowerfulPoints provides small and large organisations with digital assistance through video, PowerPoint and augmented reality design.

After 15 years in operation, the message is certainly getting through. A recent customer survey showed that 89 per cent of PowerfulPoints’ clients said the brand’s assistance made a significant difference to the results of their project, with that number set to rise.

In November, technology and networking firm, Cisco announced the corporate, online environment was in a period of deep evolution, estimating that by 2020, 75 per cent of all internet traffic will be video.

As businesses scramble to stay ahead of the curve, PowerfulPoints is tailoring its services to accommodate, identifying a need for quality, engaging presentations and implementing services such as video, motion and infographic development to maximise customer growth opportunities.

It isn’t just clients that are being encouraged to come on board however, with PowerfulPoints announcing a franchise opportunity for experienced business professionals with a passion for results and the skillset to generate leads.

PowerfulPoints provides all the resources needed to begin operation, with franchisees encouraged to call on their network of connections developed over years of employment to help boost business.

Franchisees don’t need to know how to create the fantastic presentations, PowerfulPoints has become renowned for, that is done by a team of talented designers at the master franchise, instead, franchisees can focus on their core competencies of finding clients and managing projects.

With the freedom to work from home, a PowerfulPoints franchise business provides the opportunity for career corporates to utilise their establish network and developed skills to get into business for themselves.

To learn more about PowerfulPoints or to view available opportunities, visit and speak to the team.