How to share and control social media content in a franchise network

By Sarah Stowe | 29 Oct 2015 View comments

The risk of a social media crisis is leading business to seek effective methods to control and manage content.

Social media management software (SMMS) platforms are one such way that a firm can stay on top of social media interactions.

A new addition to the SMMS landscape was originally designed to suit the womenswear fitness retailer Lorna Jane. When the sportswear giant first rolled out with the pilot earlier this year the result was an eight-fold increase in user engagement and five-fold increase in total reach across the brand's 145+ Facebook pages.

The system was built in just six months, but the developers continue to improve it, updating and adding new features every fortnight.

These software updates mean the platform stays in line with Facebook’s ever-evolving functions. There are plans for the business to add other social media mainstays such as Twitter and google+.

Since then Hearis has been spreading its wings and reached out to the franchise sector. So what are the benefits of adopting an SMMS program?


PoolWerx has taken on the Hearis platform to help busy franchisees who don’t have the time to constantly be monitoring and posting content to Facebook.

By using the platform PoolWerx can help ensure they maintain a presence on Facebook by posting content on their behalf to multiple pages at a time.

Lee Moore, chief operating officer at PoolWerx says “Unless you want to look like a dinosaur, you must have a presence on social media and it must be a credible one.

"Hearis allows our franchisees to play in the social media space with a direct line of support and content from our system," says Moore.

So what exactly are the benefits?

  1. Consistency: ensuring franchisees are using social media within franchise guidelines and using a tool like Hearis allows them to play in the space within the brand.
  2. Monitoring: an alerts tool allows the franchisor to monitor brand mentions on Facebook, which helps the business respond to clients in a quick and timely manner.
  3. Activity: the tool allows for content sharing to multiple pages while track insights through the platform ensures franchisees' local business pages remain active even in their busy season.