How Sandwich Chefs is taking a bigger bite of the lunch market

By Sarah Stowe | 30 Aug 2017 View comments

Inside Franchise Business: a carvery is a selling point for Sandwich ChefsSandwich Chefs is so much more than a bread-based business operating in the highly competitive lunch market. Here the business answers our Q&A…

What is the expansion strategy?

With the majority of stores in Victoria and only a couple in each state across South Australia, ACT and New South Wales, Sandwich Chefs is ready to expand into Queensland and New South Wales, creating a solid presence outside of Victoria.

Strategically the business is building a strong network, encouraging franchisees to become multi-store owners, fostering the development of staff and helping them become store owners themselves.

Are all outlets franchised or are there company owned outlets too?

The current Sandwich Chefs structure consists of only franchised stores with 48 stores presently across the network, four new stores under construction and more sites secured for the near future.

What are typical sites that prove successful for Sandwich Chefs?

Sandwich Chefs has found success in prominent locations within busy food courts of all sizesand new eye-catching branding helps the chain stand out in a busy environment.

How does Sandwich Chefs differentiate itself from other lunch-focused brands?

Overnight slow cooked carvery and make to order sandwiches are menu highlights. The brand is about being fresh and natural which appeals to health conscious consumers; there are no additives, and salads, wraps and focaccias are made fresh instore daily.

What is the big challenge right now in the fast food sector?

The big challenge is in providing an experience to the customer. People are expecting more from their food purchase with changing menus, new ingredients and the creation of memories.

What do you look for in a franchisee?

People who are passionate about what they do and want to reap the rewards of their hard work. Self-motivated individuals and families with a focused on delivering high quality product and service.

People who what to be in business for themselves but not by themselves – supported by years of experience across leasing, operations, supply and marketing.