From a building business to a gutter cleaning franchise

By Sarah Stowe | 29 Oct 2015 View comments

Gutter-Vac, the gutter cleaning franchise, has a new franchisee installed in central NSW, and he's laying claim to being the group's most rural operator.

Damien Shea invested in the Gutter-Vac franchise after years in a house building partnership. He believes living in  Harden, in the wheat-growing region close to the ACT and the Riverina, gives him great opportunities to spread the message and scoop up new business from a varied range of clients.

"I see my location as an opportunity," Damien says. "I have an exclusive territory that reaches as far as Wagga to the south and there is tremendous potential everywhere in-between.

"I can service any number of rural properties that rely on tank water. Clean gutters increase catchment levels and improve the integrity of the water itself and it is a really nice feeling to offer a service that customers genuinely appreciate and value."

  • The Gutter-Vac business is based on proprietary equipment, operational systems and procedures. Interested in an opportunity? Check out more at