First fast food joint to accept digital currency 'XEM'


Inside Franchise Business: Fast food chain accepts digital currency.Melbourne’s ‘branchise’ (a model between franchise and independent) Burger Love embraced the growing adoption of cryptocurrency by becoming the first fast food restaurant to accept top ten digital currency, XEM.

The burger chain’s fan base and tech-savvy holders of the digital currency will now be able to purchase their favourite gourmet burgers from its South Melbourne branch.

Head of Marketing and Branding, Steve Agi, said, “Cryptocurrencies are the future of trade. It is a fascinating concept that our clientele is already on board with and we’re ready to stop watching from sidelines."

“We’re giving our customers the freedom to pay with a currency of their choice, which is telling of how we like to approach customer experience at Burger Love,” said Agi.

To celebrate the launch of the new payment options, the chain is expanding its gourmet burger range to include the NEM Burger – a soft burger bun with noodle crusted fried chicken fillet, egg, mozzarella sticks, cheese, chipotle and barbeque sauce.

XEM is the digital currency of blockchain technology platform NEM. Unlike some cryptocurrencies, XEMs are environmentally friendly as there is no “mining” involved like Bitcoin.

It is also secure with built-in spam protection that manages to shut down spammers without taking down the entire network and has a standalone wallet you can download on your phone or computer. 

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