Eagle Boys franchisees serve up Halal-accredited menu


Catering for customer preferences has paid off for Eagle Boys Pizza franchisees Mustafa and Farah Rizvi whose Bexley store has become the first in any of the top three pizza chains in Australia to receive Halal-accreditation.

"Roughly 70 percent of our store's demographic are people who would like to consume meat, but have been prevented because of Halal food laws," Farah said. "With Halal accreditation, Eagle Boys Bexley can now provide for the tastebuds of all our loyal customers and offer more variety to a greater demographic of pizza lovers," she said.

To gain accreditation, the store had to meet an 11 point checklist from the Halal Certification Authority Australia covering store suppliers and procedures. Items on a Halal menu use ingredients processed in a way that complies with the religious practices and standards of Islamic law. As part of the move, the Rizvi's have coloured pizza pans, lids, blades, chopping boards and measuring cups to differentiate the equipment.

The pay off has been an increase in customers, some of whom are travelling specifically to taste the Halal pizzas. Included in the menu are Garlic Prawn, Gourmet Vegetarian, Steak & Brie and Tandoori Chicken with six further toppings to be added to the existing eight choices. The Halal options are offered alongside the traditional menu.

Eagle Boys Pizza CEO Todd Clayton said "Based on the demand, tastes and preferences of individual local communities, other Eagle Boys stores may receive accreditation to ensure each community's food requirements are adequately presented on our menu."

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