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11 ways to raise your franchise reputation


Leading franchisors in the Australian franchise sector are moving on from the emotion and uncertainty of the last couple of years. After a sustained media campaign and a protracted Senate

How to sell franchises: 5 key points  


Does your franchise offer stack up? It’s crucial in a highly competitive market to ensure your franchises are set to sell. How do you measure this? The exercise will be

Hate networking? Here’s how to do it


Does thought of networking in a room full of other business professionals fill you with dread? Is it an effort to go to networking events or do you try to

7 ways to fire a spark in longterm franchisees


How do you invigorate mature franchisees? Frontline field managers may find long-standing franchisees a little resistant to their efforts to freshen up a stale business. Reasons why franchisees are sceptical The average

What is a franchise and how does it work?


What is a franchise? Every franchise model may be different, but each operates on similar principles. It’s important to understand the foundations of franchising before setting out to buy a

5 vital tips for your joint venture


A joint venture is an arrangement between two or more individuals or companies. It is generally used to achieve a specific, one-off, goal or endeavour. Each joint venture is a unique

10 stress-busting tips to beat email overload


Email and smart phones can be stressful. Academics are calling this constant work connection “technostress”. Consequently, many European countries are now offering employees the “right to disconnect”. The way email is used

How to hire top staff for your franchise


Good people can help you lift your business to the next level so when you buy a franchise you’ll need to hire top staff.  Lee-Anne Hunt and Tegan Rose of

How a franchisee makes money


Looking to find your fortune in franchising? First you have to know how a franchisee makes money. There are two ways a franchisee can get a return on their investment:

4 exceptional leadership characteristics


Leadership is what ultimately drives business success. Exceptional leadership is where leaders appreciate the importance of each individual employee, putting in place systems and creating a culture that delivers a positive