Boost supports government initiative to increase children’s fruit and veg intake

By Sarah Stowe | 29 Oct 2015 View comments

In a bid to encourage children (and adults) to eat the recommended two pieces of fruit and five vegetables, the healthy Boost Juice Bars franchise has come up with the new Two & Five Juice. Containing the juice of two oranges, one apple, three carrots, one piece of celery and one piece of beetroot, plus a shot of Vita Booster, it is packed with goodness.

Shane Bilsborough, Boost Juice nutrition and lifestyle guru, said, “It is imperative that through early stages of life, children should be eating the recommended daily intake of two pieces of fruit and five vegetables to ensure they are getting the right nutrients to encourage growth and keep them healthy through their vital developmental stages.”

He added, “We live our lives at a ferocious pace and in some cases Australian parents donÕt have time to cook meals containing stacks of vegetables. ThatÕs where Boost JuiceÕs Two & Five Juice comes in. It helps contribute to the recommended daily intake of fruit and veg, and offers busy parents a cup of health on the run for their children.”