Boost and UNICEF share their vision to help prevent blindness

By Sarah Stowe | 29 Oct 2015 View comments

Boost Juice Bars, boasting more than 200 franchises in 12 countries, has joined forces with UNICEF Australia to help prevent malnutrition and vitamin A deficiencies among children in the Pacific. Boost will fund five vitamin A supplements from every $1 Powerpack sold, each Powerpack containing three different nutrient boosters that can be added to your favourite Boost drink.

Eventually, Boost hopes to supply more than 20,000 vitamin A supplements a month in this ongoing collaboration.

Boost Juice founder, Janine Allis, revealed this is something close to her heart. “On a recent trip to Samoa with our three sons we were charmed by the locals and shocked that such an avoidable issue still exists right on our doorstep. With our knowledge of nutrition we returned to see how we could help. We were thrilled to find that UNICEF had a program that could potentially save thousands of lives by simply giving a vitamin A supplement.”

UNICEF Australia senior partnerships manager, Carolyn Larkin, explained that BoostÕs support will help reduce malnutrition among children and women of child-bearing age in the Pacific. Here, vitamin A deficiencies can lead to blindness and increase the risk of death. However, with vitamin A supplementation, an estimated 30,000 child deaths are prevented each year, improving child survival rates by 25 per cent.